Für Künstler
Artist Information

Dear Artist,

we are happy that you have found your way onto our webpage and that you might be interested in playing a concert in our livingroom. We want to give you an overview in a few paragraphs of what we do and how we do it (and also what we don’t do).

We love a broad range of music and want to support independent artists in what they do.  Music and art enriches the world and music at a house concert directly enriches our lives and that of our guests. This is our motivation and main driver.

We are not a venue or professional promoters of concerts, but as fans of good, handmade music, we are enthusiastic to give artists an intimate room to perform. Due to the high demand and requests for concerts we handpick artists and only organize concerts when we like the music ourselves – that is our highest criterion. If we choose not to organize a concert with you, that is in no way a judgement upon your art and music, but most likely due to our limited capacity.

We have limited ourselves to 6-8 concerts per year. As all of it is privately organized, we are not able to pay a fixed or guarantee fee to the artist and we also don’t ask for a door or ticket fee. Our concerts are run on artist donations as „pay as you want“ (with a suggestion of 10-15€ per adult) into the passing hat. 100% of donations go to the artist.

We will provide you a space to sell CDs and merchandise. Our livingroom takes up to 30 guests – our shows so far have been between 8 and 30 people, highly depending on weekday, type of music and promotional lead time. We offer the artist to stay in our guestbeds (we can accommodate up to 4 people with a mix of beds, mattresses and airbeds) and food and drinks for them are on us.

The evening usually starts around 6pm (door time) with a potluck dinner and the opportunity for small-talk between artists and guests, before the music starts around 7:30pm. We do have a small soundsystem as well as piano available for the concerts (see list of available equipment). Depending on the repertoire, we  usually plan for 2 sets with an intermission for some dessert, small-talk and more merchandise sales.

As you might have gathered from all this, our shows are rather intimate events, but they are open to everyone interested by previous registration (due to the limited space). We promote the concerts via our mailing list, this webpage and our facebook page. Due to the advertisements and „open to all“ philosophy of our concerts, we do register them with the german licensing agency GEMA and pay the respective fees.

If you are interested in playing a show for us or have any questions, please contact us at info[at]wohnzimmerkonzerte.info

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Karin & Dietmar
Cowhide House Concerts
65824 Schwalbach a.Ts. / Germany