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Tomfoolery (UK) am 09. Oktober 2015

small-german-flagDas schottische Quartett Tomfoolery spielt eine Mischung aus amerikanischem und keltischem Folk mit eingängigen Melodien und Harmoniegesängen. Die Musiker Tom, Jane, Madeleine und Graham hatten bereits erfolgreiche Solokarrieren, bevor sie sich im Juli 2014 zu Tomfoolery zusammenschlossen um gemeinsam Musik zu machen.

Edinburgh-based poet/singer/songwriter Tom Fairnie has a rich background of performance and flag_uk_smallrecorded collaborations with other poets and musicians. His songs are at their most effective when his bruised, Scots Kenny Rogers voice is set against his own beautifully elegant folk guitar style. Tom’s wife, Jane, has been singing harmony with him for many years and with the addition of a Scottish Folk duo, singer and radio presenter Madelaine Cave and guitarist/singer Graham Whyte, the band Tomfoolery was formed in July 2014. Graham’s guitar style compliments Tom’s while their vocals have an uncanny and pleasing blend. With the inclusion of another female voice on harmony and sometimes lead vocal, the band has their own unique Celtic/Americana/Folk sound. Tomfoolery are having a lot of fun making music together!